Thursday, April 30, 2015

Arise, My Love...

This is from waaaay back in the Spring of 2008. With events in Baltimore still painfully fresh, it seems appropriate to send it out again. :) 


It doesn’t take a prophet to see that terrible things are happening all over the world. Disease, natural disasters, economic failure and political upheaval are increasing in severity and frequency. People all over the earth are filled with anxious uncertainty. Events are in play that man has little ability to control and we’re learning the hard way that nothing in this word can keep us safe.

But this season of fear is not for believers! God is calling—a trumpet sounding loud to wake us from our slumber. We’ve grown sleepy from the hum of busy schedules, drowsy from too much entertainment and comatose from enemy whispers that steal our hope. We’re dulled by the boredom of religion that offers form without substances, concepts without power and rules without love. That is not what we were saved for!

This is a season to know that our God lives and He loves us and He’s knowable! It's time—time to remember the days of first love, when it was all about Him. It’s time to rise into His love and walk out the life He always intended us to have. This is a season to hear His voice and run to Him—to turn our backs on failure, brokenness and disappointment. Hurry into His love. We can trust Him; we can lean on His Word; we can finish our race in the strength of His provision. He alone provides peace beyond understanding.

Awake my friends! Raise your head from work, to-do lists and play. Take a moment from church programs and services and ministry. Turn off the nightly news; lay aside cell phones and computers and hear what He says about this season. God loves you and wants your love in return. It’s time to long for Him more than your daily bread. It’s time to recognize you must have more of God, to insist on more of His transforming, fiery, consuming love.

Set aside disappointment or offense. Remember, we reside in the shadowlands where things are not as they seem. Our enemy seeks to define reality for us, but his lies are exposed when we chose to believe Jesus’ interpretations of our circumstances. Lean on Him, the One who is truth and fills the universe with light.

The Spirit is moving across the earth and He is calling, calling, calling to all willing to hear. It’s time to respond. We must re-encounter Him—the One the Book is about! It’s time to know Jesus more intimately. Not for what He can do, but for who He is. No matter how well you know Him, there is always more. Ask for more! Ask for His love which pursues, saves, heals, delivers, transforms and empowers. Experiencing that love is the antidote to the fear sweeping the world.

It’s an exciting time to be a believer, and it’s going to get more exciting! Come, let us run together!
"Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come with me." Song of Songs 2:10

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