Wednesday, March 25, 2015


“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”
Corrie TenBoom


God is faithful. What marvelous assurance for the child of God! God doesn’t vary—He remains as He has always been. His steadfast faithfulness is an indivisible part of who He is, and therefore can never waver or weaken. God cannot 'run out' of faithfulness. He will fulfill what He has promised to do. He unswervingly adheres to His covenant with us. He will never change his attitude toward us. He will never leave nor forsake us. What He tells us, we can believe and rely on—not just today, but tomorrow and forever.

God is faithful. There is no inducement attractive enough to tempt Him to abandon His people, nor can there ever be. He doesn’t get irritated or tired of dealing with us and our issues. His loving concern is constant and steady. His passion for us does not wane when we are “bad” or increase when we are “good.”

God is faithful. Neither fear, nor sin, nor circumstance, nor disappointment, nor even our faithlessness diminishes his faithfulness. God’s faithfulness assures us we will be favorably received when we run to Him. Even when we’ve been bad. Especially when we’ve been bad. He is never tempted to love us less. He doesn’t get distracted and forget us. He doesn’t decide what to do based on the latest opinion poll. He isn't influenced by what's trending. He doesn’t have moods and He doesn’t take breaks.

Faith is not keeping a stiff upper lip; hoping for the best; or keeping a positive attitude. Faith is not, as we’ve been so often told in the movies, believing in something when common sense tells you not to. Faith is not illogical, best left to crazies, children and little old ladies—those not completely grounded in reality. Faith for the Christian is not a mental exercise or reliance on a particular outcome or philosophy, but trusting the character of a Person.

Faith can bear me up even when bad things happen, because my faith depends on Him and my expectation that He is trustworthy. So even when my circumstances are not good, I can trust the One who is good. God promises to rework even my disasters so they serve my eventual good.* I can trust His decisions about my life. I can trust His ‘yes’ and I can trust His ‘no.’ (I have a harder time with His 'wait,' but I'm working on it.) When my world crumbles and my heart fails with fear, I can lift my eyes to Jesus, trusting that He’s got me. This is not gum drops and lollipops thinking that everything will turn out just as I'd like it, but childlike expectation that even the bad stuff will turn out according to God’s plan—and that He will get me through it. Faith is deciding to trust an individual who does not fail.

God is faithful. He will never turn aside, never abandon, never give up, never stop loving, never lose heart, never fail. He will always love, always protect, always provide, always guide, always tirelessly work to form the kingdom in us—the life of joy and abundance that glorifies His name. Even when we are reluctant to cooperate. His faithfulness is a strong fortress in which we will find protection from our enemy. He will never, ever allow anything to take us from His hand. We can absolutely, positively, without question or reservation, rely on the faithfulness of God!
*Does not mean that my disasters are good…there is a difference, see Romans 8:28.



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